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Complete insect extermination takes a lot more than
just spraying a pesticide chemical. Proper
extermination will include a full understanding of the
environment that particular insects seek out as well as
understanding what you can do, in addition to chemical
sprays, to make your home unattractive to insects and
bugs. Baltimore Pest Control .org can help you with
both of these aspects.

Once we have determined the type of bug that you are
targeting and inspected the environment that your home
provides we will begin the extermination process.
This process begins with a complete spray both inside
the home and a spray around the perimeter of the
home. The inside spray will kill the bugs that are
currently living inside your home. The perimeter spray
will place a protective barrier around the house,
stopping outside bugs from wandering inside to take
the place of the bugs that we have recently

In spite of the quality of our pesticides and spray
patterns, it will be necessary for us to come back to
re-spray. This re-spray appointment will allow us to kill
any additional bugs that managed to avoid the first
spray but more importantly the re-spray will allow us to
kill the bugs that were still eggs at the time of the first
spray. Chemical pesticides are still unable to break the
protective barrier that insect larva have between the
living insect and the outside of the egg. This means that
pesticides can't kill eggs, rather we must wait until the
egg hatches and then we kill the insect.

Habitual re-spraying is necessary more outside the
house than inside. This is because the elements (wind,
rain, snow, dirt) tend to wear down the outside barrier.
Our re-spraying will ensure that your home is always
protected against new insect invasions.
Call us today if you have any questions or if you would
like to schedule a spray.
We look forward to working with you.